Saturday, February 16, 2008

So Happy Together!

Going 12 days without seeing Nico is hard on all of us, but it affects Kaya the most. Her whole life, she has known that she will see Nico at least half of every week and she hasn't had to really go too long without the companionship of her older sister. We picked Nico up yesterday and it so so nice to have her home.
For my Daily Gratitude, reason #342 why I am so glad to live out in the boonies. Within a few minles from our house we have two different sources for free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, fresh brown eggs for $1.00 per dozen. We've been using these eggs for about three years now and I remember the first time I was a bit leery about them because I had used store bought white eggs all of my life. Now, I don't want to ever go back. Last week, Jay brought a few leftover white eggs home from church and I was amazed at the differences. The white eggs had very thin shells and the yolks were so pale compared to the rich golden orange of our brown eggs. The scrambled eggs I made out of them were so unappealing to me.

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Val said...

Isn't the difference amazing? I am guessing they are twice as nutrious. After researching the life of a laying hen, there is no way I would ever, could ever, go back to eating store bought eggs. I am hoping to convert some of my neighbors as well. ;) Small advocacies. ;)


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