Friday, February 8, 2008

A Normal Afternoon at Our House


Just about every day, Kaya gets suited up in a leotard, turns on The Beat (dance music station on Sirius) and does her dancing/gymnastics thing. Now, Luna is to the point where she will come to me proclaiming, "Preeeety!" which is how she tells us she wants her leotard on as well. While I sometimes get tired of the music and feeling like I am in a never-ending Dance Hall, I do love to watch as they shake it.

In this video, after Luna snatches the camera, I ask her to do her cartwheel. She does this funny little thing where she puts her hands down on the ground and kicks one leg into the air.

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jossan said...

Hello. Such little cuties you´ve got!! Put a big smile on my face!!

Thank you ever so much for the comments on my blog. I would love to make a pair of trousers for your litle girl. Perhaps we could make some kind of a trade???

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