Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More of Kaya's Creativity

Because Miss Whines-A-Lot won't let me set her down for even a second, I may have to spend most of the day sitting and cuddling her. I'll add some of the pages Kaya worked on today. She is really inspired to make a whole book and I don't doubt she will cover all of the letters by next week! This A page is probably my favorite so far. I love the little alien!

For anyone who may be wondering, Kaya told me that China is a beautiful, dark-skinned fairy who lives by the sea and spends her time making magic circles around the crabs to keep them from pinching anyone. Ha!

When I told Kaya that the name Unice usually starts with an E, she said, "Weeellllll, maybe some people spell it that way, but this is my book and my character and I am going to spell it starting with a U!"


Val said...

She does amazing work! Cyan is also an artist... I need to take more pictures of her work. Great job Kaya!!


Grandma Rita said...

Kaya, your drawing are wonderful! Your dad was always a talented drawer, too! It's a wonderful talent to have! Keep up the good's really awesome. I enjoy them so much!
Love and Hugs
Grandma Rita

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