Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Today Jasper turns eight. It seems like yesterday he was a scrappy little kitten and now he's a big, burly beast of a cat. He came from my friend, Carlos. I went over to his house the day the litter was born and immediately knew I wanted the lone orange kitty of the bunch. I called dibs on him and went to pick him up two months later. He is an awesome cat. It is kind of sad to see him aging, losing teeth, bearing the battle scars of torn ears. I truly hope he's got a lot of good years ahead of him.


~Dreamseeds~A simple wise woman with exquisite taste and unending love said...

Hello wierd A cat to match its master with that vibrant red hair;) Have a great V day mama

Val said...

Hey Meesh... we are strange too. lol... But I have to say, this is a beautiful pic of your dipes all in a row. :)


Sara Vegimama said...

Happy birthday Buddy!
I'm sure you have many years ahead with him Meeshi ;)

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