Saturday, February 23, 2008

Boys Invade the Girlie House!!!

My nephews, Isaac and Lucas, came over yesterday to spend the night. It is hard to believe that Isaac is 10 and Lucas is almost 14. Crazy! Isaac is such a sweetie and has a great time playing with Kaya and Luna. Luna just adores him! Funny how she can say so many words, but the way she has decided to say Isaac is, "Meena" No clue how she came up with that, but now we have dubbed him Meena.
Lucas has a great time setting up toys. He is Autistic and has always loved the process of setting things up. As a toddler, he would take Cap'n Crunch cereal and make these elaborate designs with them on the floor. These "crop circles" would often be as big as 3 foot square and if he left the room and you moved *one* piece of cereal just a fraction of an inch, he would notice it immediately upon re-entering the room. He'd get right down and adjust things back to their rightful place.

When my sister first got the diagnosis that he was Autistic, he was just a little thing. We read up on Autism and wondered if he would ever be verbal, read that Autistic people don't have a sense of humor, wondered if he would always have to be locked inside. As a toddler, there were times when he could manage to undo even the most complicated and highest locks secured to doors and next thing we'd know he'd be streaking down the sidewalk in a diaper. Now, while he does still have his challeneges, he is verbal and communicates and is quite the Mr. Comedian.

For years now, Lucas has kept these big, fat notebooks filled with all sorts of drawings and words. (As a side note, can you guess the first word he ever learned to write? Copyright. Yeah, the one word you see just about everywhere. ) I didn't have a chance to rotate the pics, but the one above is filled with the names of all sorts of animals and characters he likes. I think his notebooks are really fascinating and could look through them for hours if he'd let me. He is often reluctant to let others spend too much time with his books. I think his drawings are very intense and intricate. He will write down a lot of things he sees and observes.

Here is a picture of a neighborhood.

And here is a picture of our house. He even wrote Jay's name in cursive at the top. He added the details of rooms, stairs, and even the spare room where we have a box of movies that he loves.
Nico's not here this weekend as she came down with the flu. Yesterday I was thinking that Luna might be coming down with something because she was running hot and threw up two times, but she seems to be better today. We've got a birthday party to attend this afternoon and then possibly a sleep over with a friend tonight. A busy and fun weekend for us!

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Meg said...

Oh, I just love Lucas' drawings and writings. Eli has several notebooks as well, filled with little boy drawings.
Thanks for the glimpse of Lucas!

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