Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Virtual Refrigerator

Luna has been especially needy while feeling under the weather. The little Cling-On has had to be in my arms while awake or else she emits this high pitched whiney squeal. Still not sure exactly what is wrong with her, but it seems to be something like the flu but without a fever. Kaya has been doing some self-directed learning while I care for Luna. We were talking about alliteration over breakfast yesterday and she thought she might like to write and illustrate a book. She picked a few letters yesterday and used a word processing program to type out her sentences, pick her fonts and colors. Then she got to illustrating her work. I think her drawings are so cute!

She is already working on more pages this morning to add to her book. I can't wait to see her illustrations!

We're still waiting on a payment from Jay's customers, so the money stresses are getting to me. I'm getting creative while going through the cupboard and trying to use up what we have and feel lucky to have what we do, even if it seems like slim-pickings. I'm really hoping for word soon that a check is on the way, though.

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Jo said...

Those are so cool. I might have to try this with Little Man.

She does really adorable work! :)

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