Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Walk 1/20

I skipped yesterday. It was a rough day, witnessing how this whole custody deal with Nico is affecting her. It is truly heartbreaking. A nine year old should never have to think about the things she has going on inside of her head or the things she thinks she has to say and do to appease people.

Today is a new day. Trying to look at the positive and keep my chin up. Here is a picture of Nico playing with the keyboard the girls got for Solstice. She loves it and plays it all of the time when she is here. And Luna Blue, even with a fever of 103, is up and at 'em.

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Jo said...

It's nice to see you with a blog hun. Your life is always so much fun to hear about and hopefully you will keep up with this. Remember, I'm free to "help" out when needed. ;)


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