Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Walk 1/14

Monday is Kaya's favorite day. She *loves* gymnastics and just moved up to the "Super Fives and Sixes" level which means 1 1/2 hour classes and more in-depth instruction. Every day, she suits up in a leotard and practices around the house. I can't even count the number of times I hear, "Mama! Watch this!" as she shows me one more trick.


~Dreamseeds~A simple wise woman with exquisite taste and unending love said...

YAY! You gotta blog...I am so happy you figured out a way. I cannot beleive Kaya on those bars.
Love seeing yoru family and your girls grow up. You and J are good parents Michelle and very inspirational to us at the addictive

Katie said...

Yay! Meeshi's got a blog!!! (I swear that is what I was going to write before I saw that KR beat me to it!)

You remind me so much of me when I was not so old and crusty. You honestly keep me refreshed and remembering what really matters in life. thanks for that!

much love darlin'


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